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Last updated July 13, 2004

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Latest U.S. Trends in ITS Research & Development; Recommendations for Japanese ITS Policy and Strategy: Annual contracts in 2000-2004 with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation: MLIT-related Organization.
Latest U.S. Trends in Cooperative Vehicle-Roadway ITS Systems; Policy and Strategic Recommendations for AHSRA (the Advanced Cruise-Assist Highway System Research Association): Annual contracts in 2001-2004 with the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management through AHSRA.
Research at Motor Shows and Consumer Electronics Shows on the ITS/Telematics Concept Model and Trends at Vehicle Manufacturers for Human-Machine Interfaces, Research Company, 2003
Contribution to the development of the Japan External Trade Organization’s (JETRO) Telematics Markets Report, for JETRO San Francisco, 2003
Research Project Plan for Intermodal Trip Guidance with Multi-Objective Decision Strategy: Research Institute (Anonymous), 2002
Research Project Plan for Integrated Collision Avoidance Driver Alert System in Traffic: Research Institute (Anonymous), 2002
Advanced Road Maintenance Contract Policy Trends in the UK, New Zealand, and the U.S., Research Company, 2002
The Pedestrians ITS Project in the U.S., for World Bank, 2002
Consulting contracts with private ventures and companies (anonymous) on application systems on laser, electromagnetic-wave absorber and digital map databases, since The Latest Trends on Wireless, Personal, Portable Data Communication Devices, for
Private Industry, 2001
Recommendation of a Business Model for an In-Vehicle/Mobile Media Network, Private Industry, 2000

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