What is
Nutrition Counseling?
Simply stated, nutrition counseling utilizes appropriate food choices to improve your health by learning to eat more nutritious and tasty foods based on your individual needs. Nutrition counseling may also be used to help you lose or manage your weight, lower disease risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure and digestive disorders or optimize your diet for more energy and vitality.

We have plenty of food choices these days and it seems quite confusing to make the right choices. Many of us feel we need in-depth knowledge of nutrition to keep up with mounting information that certain foods and supplements may prevent or minimize the symptoms of disease as well as advising us which foods and eating habits may do us harm.

Nutrition counseling helps you make sense of current information and actively address your health concerns and complaints together through diet and exercise.
Who can benefit?
Anybody who is interested in eating wisely can benefit. Particular areas for nutrition counseling may include: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Weight Management, Sports Nutrition.
Nutrition Counseling Service
An initial individual nutrition consultation will provide a thorough nutritional evaluation, including health assessment, medical history, eating habits and exercise levels. You will receive relevant, scientifically-based advice, realistic recommendations and up to date nutritional information for long-term results.

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